The Dynamic Feminine Podcast

I’m getting ready to record for the podcast I’m co-hosting with my friend Jess. We’d been co-hosting a local Red Tent women’s circle, and decided to take the content digital. Our hope is to connect with more people this way. So far, we’ve discussed the history of the Red Tent and importance of sacred space. We’re getting into finding your tribe and why the heck it matters on the next episode and a half. Our discussion of the feminine is completely inclusive, and we want people to engage through the podcast, blog, Instagram etc. You can find the podcast here: The Dynamic Feminine

We’re also on Instagram: @thedynamicfeminine

You can listen to the Podcast on, Spotify, and Google. (Apple is in the works)

We hope you’ll join us for discussion of all things womanhood.

Google Keep

If we’ve hung out in the past 6 years, I’ve probably made you download this app on your phone. Especially if you have complained about disorganization or keeping track of things. It’s just so. dang. helpful.

Google on Apple products? YES. – did you know that Apple products use Google service to support their cloud? Google does this stuff really well, let’s go with it…

Favorite features:

COLOR CODING – art related notes are orange for me, shopping lists are blue, health stuff is purple… use whatever works for you

LABELS- these are keywords or hashtags, use them to sort your notes into categories. Some general ones I use: art, journal, read, submissions, shopping, health, podcast, writing, food, remember this. I also label specific projects this way: happiness project, magic oracle, book club.

ARCHIVED NOTES – this works really well with labels. I delete old shopping lists once they’re done, but I archive all my journal posts or research notes when I’m done with them. They’re not popping up, but they’re accessible through an easy search.

CHECK BOXES – or no check boxes. You can switch this up at any time on your note. You can also still see everything you’ve checked off. Before I go grocery shopping, I go to my grocery list, and uncheck things I got last time, but need to buy again. Saves time thinking about what I need, and having to type or write up a new list every time.

NOTE SHARING – life changing. this is everything teamwork. It updates as you go. Often times, my husband will be like, ” heading to the store, add what you need to the list”. It’s also great for projects where multiple people are involved. Everyone can see what’s been done.

REMINDERS – need to be reminded of a note or list at a particular place or time – DING! you got that. (don’t forget that weird random thing you needed, but not right away, from Lowe’s next time you’re there)

FLEXIBILITY – Use Keep on your phone, computer, tablet, etc. Add written notes, photos, typed lists, links, voice notes… Also send notes to Google Docs if you need.

PINNING and ORGANIZATION – You can move the notes around manually on the interface if you wish, and you can pin notes to the top – I use this for a permanent list of all my doctors info, my grocery list, and my art supplies list. I’ll also pin anything really urgent or important.

SAVE TO KEEP – When doing other things online, I’ll use the share to keep option on my phone, or the save to keep option set up using a browser extension. SUPER EASY. one move, and it’s all there for later.